What you'll learn in this article:

  • What most peoples reality looks like and why that sucks
  • How to take back control of your life
  • What steps to follow if you want to change
  • Why this change is simple but not easy

Have you ever wondered why there are guys out there who meet and date almost every girl they want to hook up with and at the same time there are guys who’s possibilities of meeting women are limited to the girls in their group of friends or their female coworkers?

At first glance it seems like those abundant guys just got lucky and the right girl just showed up at the right moment in time. Wrong.

In this article I will tell you exactly what the difference between those two types of guys is and how you can free yourself from being dependent on the girls in your direct social environment forever!

Wake Up Call – The Story Of Tim

Meet Tim. Tim is a cool guy who is very social and meets some girls here and there at parties and social gatherings but other than that he doesn’t talk to any women because who talks to random people during the day or at night?

So Tim will be destined forever to be introduced by his friend Sarah at some party to her less attractive friend just to hook up with her because it’s his only option he has at that time. After a while he has to change who he is and give up his values just to make this relationship work (remember, it’s his only option).

Time goes and he realizes that this girl is actually not good for him and both of them are starting to get bored. Small fights at first turn into screaming tournaments along the way where both parties even forget what the initial problem was. As his sex-life goes down from twice a day to twice a month, so does his health and self confidence. He doesn’t recognize himself anymore. What kind of lazy motherf**ker has he become?

Unfortunately Tim is like most people who are making changes usually when it’s already too late. When it becomes unbearable to spend any time together without engaging in some sort of ugly discussion.

That’s when Tim knows he’s more likely gonna shoot yourself rather than spending another second with the girl he once met so convenient at a party and they got together because it just made sense at the time.

So many guys are just like Tim.


Because that’s how we function as humans. Our main purpose is to survive. That’s it. Evolution didn’t equip us with the secret to happiness and fulfillment, we gotta figure that out by ourselves. Mother nature just wants us to survive first.

So what’s the best way to survive?

Go the most convenient path, the path of least resistance.

But you know what?

There are some fellows that want to join you along this path. They are called mediocrity and unhappiness. Do you want those two to hold your hand left and right while walking with you for the rest of your life tying you down so you will at age 82 sit on a park bench with a hot 22 year old walking by and you staring at her ass wondering what would have happened if you didn’t choose the convenient path in the first place.

Well, you are probably thinking now that this will never happen to you and I really hope it doesn’t. Let’s take a quick moment and think a second about your current love life and ask yourself this question: ‘If I go on with my love life exactly the way I am doing right now in terms of dating and relationships, will my life improve, stay the same or even get worse over time?’. You gotta be full on honest with yourself. If your answer is that it will improve that’s great, keep going. If your answer is that it will stay the same or it will even get worse along the way then it’s time to change right now!

Don’t fool yourself with excuses that it’s not that bad after all. No more living on ‘tomorrow island’ of procrastination.

Let me help you get your love life handled once and for all.

The Sad Reality For Most Guys

People are influenced by 2 major sources.

#1 Society

In these days we are bombarded with all sorts of information and opinions of others thanks to the internet and TV news.

We are told what to believe and how to behave in order to fit into our social norms the world created for you.

#2 The people you spend most time with

That’s the one that’s not so obvious but it’s the one that shapes you even more as a person. Whether that’s your family or your best friends. You are a product of the 4-5 people you surround yourself most. Take a quick look right now. Think of the four people you spend most time with. Are you kind of the same in your behavior, attitude and beliefs?

Now what’s that got to do with dating?

Let’s have a closer look. Society and most of your friends tell you that the only possible and socially accepted ways to meet girls are the following and I’m also gonna tell you straight away why depending only on those sucks.

Option 1: Meet a girl through your social circle

That’s reality for most guys. They hook up with girls in their social circle or hope to be introduced by a friend to another friend but that as far as it goes. You have to depend completely on your luck that maybe there’s a girl in your group that you like and then hope she’s available and wants you as well. Good luck, your options might be five girls in total. But wait there’s more to come.

Option 2: Meet girls at your workplace

Your second option is to meet a girl at your workplace. I’m gonna tell you straight up that you do never want to hook up with a coworker. You know the old saying ‘Never shit where you eat’ and that one suits perfectly to this example. 

Let’s say you get together with your friend at work. First you don’t wanna spend every day at work plus every night at home together. 24/7 nonstop seeing each other might seem flattering at first but after a while that’s just annoying.

What happens when you split up? Even worse. Now you have to see each other every day and can’t stand each others company. Seems like a promising future.

But you have another option left thanks to the internet.

Option 3: Meet girls through online dating i.e. Tinder

That’s the option modern society created even though it’s not really socially accepted after all. While online dating is a good option as a bonus to find girls it should never be your focus because you want to meet girls in real life.

So that’s it. 

Do you really want to be dependent on those options exclusively for the rest of your life?

For the sake of your success with women I hope your answer is ‘Hell no!’

Good. Let’s move on.

Take Control Of Your Life

A big achievement of being the captain of our life’s ship is first that we understand and accept our current situation no matter how good or bad that might be. I hope that by now you looked at your life one or two times and reflected a little on your current situation at least in terms of dating and relationships.

I’m proud of you.

Not many guys have come that far as weird as that sounds. Way too often we don’t make time to take out the compass and look at the direction we are actually heading towards in life. Instead we close our eyes and hope for the best that our ship won’t crash onto the next rocks. Even better, people start the Autopilot function not realizing that there is no Autopilot available for life!

With that knowledge in mind we have the perfect platform to live life on our own terms!

We are tired of meeting new people, especially girls, through our social circle, through work or exclusively through online dating.

Even more so, we want to have the power of choice and selection in particular when it comes to the girls we want to have in our life. You want to take action as soon as opportunities present themselves along the journey.  

What You Want To Do Next

The first step is that you have to free yourself from the opinion of others whether that’s your best friend telling you it’s weird to meet girls in bars, clubs or out on the street during the day. They all want you to fit in but you want the opposite.

You want to stand out. Be different. Do things in a different way. That’s where the magic happens.

The next step is to go out there and meet girls at any occasion. That can be on your way to work in the subway or at your local café when you get your morning coffee, even at a supermarket while grocery shopping. It’s okay to talk to every girl out there that crosses your way you just have to take the opportunity at hand and meet them.

This will make all the difference.

The ‘normal’ and traditional way of meeting girls is no more an option for you because you see the potential not only to meet maybe five girls in your social circle but to meet dozens of pretty girls every single day wherever you go. During the day or at night when you go out with your buddies.

But pickup is even more than just being able to talk to any girl in any situation. It’s about learning the social skills that so many people, especially guys, are lacking nowadays.

It’s Simple But Unfortunately Not Easy

When you decide to make that shift and I hope by now you are more than convinced that you have so many more options than you thought you have so far, I am convinced this will change your life forever. At least I can say it changed my life and I helped to change the lives of thousands of other people so I encourage you to get out there and meet girls wherever you go.

But there’s one last thing that needs to be done to make that change happen.


You got to go up to that girl and introduce yourself. How else should she know that you’re alive? How else can you start a conversation? How else can you fall in love? The secret pill is action my friend.

Now go out there and try it out. Find those girls and talk to them and if you need help you know I’m there to help you along the way. I made it my profession to guide you through all the difficulties you might have and together we can conquer them.

Let’ go out and do this together!

Have fun out there,