What you'll learn in this article:

  • Why girls actually flake. 
  • What you can do to avoid it.
  • The missing link to your day game.


Day Game = More Numbers Than You Can Handle

The day game craze has taken the pickup world by storm. Avoid loud night clubs, avoid shouting what you have to say, avoid waiting in long lines, avoid paying to get in, avoid getting stepped on, smelling like sweat and alcohol, avoid all the competition from the other guys, and still get laid?

Yes please.

Day game is easy. It’s almost unfair just how easy it is. You go up to a girl during the day, speak for a bit and then you get her number.


So wherein lies the problem? Why are guys getting flakes if it’s so easy? Why do people fly across the world to take a bootcamp with me if it’s THAT simple?

Not All Numbers Were Created Equal

If you aren’t good at day game, you’ll be getting lots of ‘weak numbers’. A weak number is usually given out of pity or for the girl to get out of an awkward situation and it doesn’t really mean anything. There is no interest level on her part, but for you it’s a mini celebration.

She might be thinking: “Ok, here’s my number, please let me leave”


So, when you text her, and she either ignores you, or talks for a bit then flakes, you start to wonder why this sh*t isn’t working.

Is pickup a lie? Is day game a lie? Is she a b*tch? Should you have waited 3 days?

Easy Come – Easy Go

If you’re overweight, and you’ve been overweight for the last 20 years, but tomorrow morning you wake up with a 6 pack, how long do you think you’d be able to maintain it?

I love this question because it really dives into how important habits are and how we don’t really get anything out of free gifts.

Since you didn’t work for the 6 pack, how can you expect it to stay with your bad habits?

If you get a number in 30 seconds, chances are she didn’t really invest in the conversation.

If she didn’t invest, why would she even reply to a text? Let alone decide to go on a date with you?

It’s Not You, It’s Chemistry

Don’t be upset by a flake. Chances are it wasn’t your fault. There just wasn’t any chemistry.

If you want day game to work, you need to start getting solid numbers.

The girl needs to invest into the conversation, she needs to be genuinely interested. The best kind of investment is emotional investment.

Think of this scenario:

You’re sitting in a park minding your own business, some random guy sits next to you, chats for 20 seconds, asks for your number cos he’s new in town and wants to make friends, and then shakes your hand and leaves.

You probably aren’t going to answer his call.

Now, if he sat down, said he was new in town, then you guys talked for 20 minutes, shared a few stories and some good laughs, you’ll probably tell him to exchange numbers to hang out.


Because there was chemistry, there was an emotional investment, it was a fun time. Now you’re looking forward to this.

The exact same principle applies when you meet a girl.

She needs to have that exact same feeling when you get her number so that she WANTS to meet up with you. She needs to have some sort of investment in the interaction and it always helps when it’s a strong connection.

When you leave the interaction, that’s a number that will never flake. That’s a number that will not play any games with you and will get you laid.

So to summarize:

Getting 20000 numbers isn’t the aim of the game, you are looking for quality numbers. The only way to get quality numbers is to get an investment from the girl during your interaction, the more emotional the investment the better and the less likely it is to flake.