What to do on a
first date with a girl ?

Dinner? Movies? Meet my parents?

All the typical, cliché ones will come to
your mind when deciding what to do on a first date, but what should you
actually do? Are these options any good? The truth is they aren’t the
best of options. The reasons being

Dinner:  Always a conflict of
‘should I pay for her or not?’ Then if you do pay for her a guy might
typically feel like the girl owes him something. There’s also the
awkward seating arrangement, meaning you are sitting across the table
from each other, you can’t exactly touch her. Being seated, waiting for
your order, eating, waiting for the bill, generally this type of date
isn’t a good idea for a first one, if you’ve been seeing each other for
a while, sure go for a dinner, but don’t start with that.

Movies: Not the most convenient
of seating, you can touch her but it’s pretty limited, and again, you
guys are sitting own watching a screen so there’s the whole waiting
thing going on

Meet your parents: no

So what should you actually do for a first

Keep it simple: Honestly, you can
do anything on a first date! Walking around in a park, exploring the
city, going for a (short) coffee trip, going for drinks (even if you
don’t drink) going to the arcades, even things like Ikea (that’s
actually one of my favourite places to take a girl on a date!) You can
make anything fun.

Think logistics:  If you’re going
to meet at an amazing rooftop bar, but neither you or her live anywhere
near, guess what? She’ll probably not be bothered to sit on a train or
in a cab till you guys get to one of the 2 destinations, so chances of
sex are going to be slim. The idea is you want to end up back at your
place, or her place. The place you guys have sex should be relatively
near to the place you meet.

Physical contact: The rules of the date is
do something where physical contact isn’t awkward. You want to be
physical from the beginning of the date so that you have already crossed
that path from the very start. I don’t mean grab her and kiss her, I
mean go for a hug, a Hi 5, anything that will get the momentum physical
from the start.

Night time vs Day
Personally, I prefer night time dates, simply
because they are more up beat, and you can move to your house right
after a bar or something. Day dates are also fun, but it’ll all come
down to your personal preference.

(Remember – The date isn’t set for you to impress her, it’s a
setting where you will try and lead it towards sex. Sex isn’t something
you should be ‘taking’ from anyone, it needs to be a mutual experience
where you are both enjoying it. )


There’s nothing worse to ruin a first date
than a flake. The best way to avoid flakes from happening is by
messaging her a few hours before the date and tell her that you’re going
to be a little late. So if you told her to meet at 8PM, text her saying
you’ll be 15 minutes late.

If she’s forgotten about the date, your text will remind her
about it, and if she was going to flake she’ll tell you so you don’t
show up waiting for nothing.


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