What you'll learn in this article:

  • Advanced tips for eye contacts to build a stronger connection. 
  • How to recognize her emotions - and work with these. 
  • Why smiling is important and how you can do it too. 


Good Eye Contact is fundamental to your game

Disclaimer: The information and theories in this passage may not resonate well with newbies or guys who don’t approach a lot.

This is intended for men who have developed a level of comfort in talking to women cold approach or otherwise. Whenever I approach a girl I look directly into her eyes while talking.

I don’t do this because of some super tip I received from a PUA or because of the whole ‘she has to be the one too look away first’ bullshit.

I look into her eyes because I’m looking to see what the weather is like in there.

The Windows To The Soul


I’m examining her potential… Is she shy? Kind? Crazy? Drama? Do we have a vibe? Is she on my level? Is she understanding what I’m saying?

These are the answers I’m looking for in her eyes.

They say the eyes are the ‘windows to the soul’.  

I say that each pair of eyes you stare into are a window into the ‘orb of collective female consciousness’.

(..bare with me on this)

Imagine for a moment a giant sphere much like the planet earth in which all the collective female emotions and thoughts are stored, siphoned from every female on the planet (some 3.5 billion women) in one, fluid orb of consciousness.

Contained in this sphere are the thoughts and emotions of all the women you’ve ever encountered and can ever encounter in the future.

Now imagine that every time you talk to a girl and look into her eyes you are taking a peek into this sphere and getting a glimpse inside.

Every female emotion is fundamentally the same as any other female, in other words they all pretty much share the same emotional patterns.

Know that when approaching and peering into these eyes your glimpse may be pleasant i.e. – good weather! (good vibe, laughing at your jokes, smiley, interested etc.) Conversely it may be bad weather (moody, uninterested, stand-offish etc.).

If we take the analogy of this orb of collective female consciousness and liken it to the planet earth, we could imagine that we are an alien species peering in to certain parts of the planet screening for a place to land our ship, be it permanently or just for a while.

Each pair of eyes is located at a different part of the sphere but is fundamentally made of the same stuff.

As the alien species we may happen to take a glimpse at a war-torn part of the world where there is death and misery.

We may take a glimpse at a beautiful island resort the beckons us toward it.

What most guys don’t realize is the privileged position we are in as the proverbial ‘alien’.

As the ‘alien’ we are not responsible for that bad weather. We have not affected the environment and we are not affected by it. We choose whether we want to stay to find out more and we choose how many places we can look at, clearly the more you look at the better choices you are likely to make.

Why Your Smiles Can Do Miracles

I’m not afraid of approaching women and staring at them directly in the eyes with a big smile.

If i get a bad reaction it wont affect me because I’m not a part of that consciousness, I’m merely a visitor. I exist in a different paradigm and I’m merely looking for a place to visit.

Good eye contact does not mean that I have accepted a girl’s bad reality, it means I am using a tool to ‘test the waters’ if you will.

Realize that all women are fundamentally the same, a girl that you approached at the beach when she was drunk will have a very different reaction to if you had approached her when she was at the
grocery store last Tuesday.

Its just the ‘weather’ at the time.

Either way you are