What you'll learn in this article:

  • The reason why it's a hard choice
  • The fundamental questions you should ask yourself when considering entering a relationship
  • Sami's personal experience and story on relationships


So, you’re on this  new path in life…

One of self discovery, expanding your horizons.

You social skills are improving daily, you’re meeting more and more new girls every day and you’re slowly building an abundance. 

Golden Question: Should You Get a Girlfriend Or Stay Single In Pickup?

A: If you are still new to pickup

If this is just the beginning of the journey, then no. Do not get into a relationship and get a girlfriend. Why?

You simply aren’t ready for it, the experiences ‘under your belt’ have not prepared you to settle down. What tends to happen is that because you’re getting  some success, you feel the urge to quickly settle for the first girl you find that you think is a suitable girl for you. This way you’ll be in a relationship for the sake of being in one, without really knowing what exactly you should be looking to get out of it.

B: If you are more advanced in pickup 

This is where you need to screen hardcore. You need to sit down and decide what traits the girl needs to have, and what value she needs to bring to the table.

Does she motivate you? Does she help you reach your goals? Is she actively supporting you and making you into a better person? Or where you a better person without her?

This is not a one way street. You also need to bring value to the table, just as she needs to support you, and motivate you and help you aspire to be a better person who’s daily setting higher goals, you need to be that person in her life.

A relationship can’t be a selfish one, it’s something where you are both mutually benefiting from.

There are many toxic relationships out there, some people will do what they can to bring their partner down. If you zoom out, and take a look from the outside and see yourself in one of these relationships.

Either address the topic and talk it out to work on fixing it, or remove yourself from that situation.