Sexual Escalation Steps – Keeping Her Happy Under The Sheets

What you'll learn in this article:

  • The 3 Most Crucial Escalation Steps 
  • The Secret Zones that make her crave for more 
  • How to keep her fire burning all the way
  • The magic of dirty talk and how to dominate her the right way. 


No matter how well your set might be, if you get the girl home with you the next challenge awaits: how to give her that unforgettable experience that she wants to keep coming back to you. 

Most of the men have absolutely no clue how to REALLY please a girl.

In this special article we cover the basics you’ll need to make your girl happy between the sheets. 

Sexual Escalation Steps:

Most sensual touching you make can turn a girl on, even if you play with her hands the right way, here are the following areas to work on:

Step #1 – The ‘Drawing’ Technique  

This is one of my all time favourite techniques, just because it’s so subtle.
Place your hand on a girls stomach or back and simply use your fingers to draw at random around that area. Be creative, try drawing some crazy weird art without looking.

As well as helping her feel comfortable and relaxed, it also arouses her and gets her in the mood.

Step #2 – ‘Scratching’  

The drawing phase will not get you far unless you REALLY excite her, start getting closer
and closer to her underwear line and try a slow scratch away or to that area. 

If you are doing things right you will notice a changing in her breathing and an increased heart rate. Keep it playful and keep teasing, you’re not going for the target just yet, just getting her excited for what’s to come. (Keep in mind not to be too rough with this as it could actually cause discomfort, and you don’t want to over do it)

Step #3 – Biting  

Women love to be dominated (disclaimer: voluntarily dominated!) , much like in the animal kingdom as the lion bites the lioness while they mate, women love when you bite them. Biting is a huge turn on for girls and can make them get excited very easily. 

Step #4 – Breathing  

I cannot stress this enough, this might be one of the strongest escalation you can do, but also the one ignored the most by guys.

Turn a girl around (it’s good to be a bit aggressive) to spoon her while doing all the above, and add a bit of heavy breathing into her ear from behind and you will have her begging for you to initiate sex.

Whispering dirty things in her ear is always a plus and will get things heated much faster.  

You probably know the basics on sexual escalation; most people start from the upper body and work their way down. This is fine, as a base, but its much more detailed than just this.

The Most Essential Areas Of The Female Body

#1 – During Fore Foreplay:

Don’t go straight for gold, or even silver. There are areas that can arouse a girl that may not seem very obvious to us. Aim for these points when you’re moving your hands around and exploring her body. These come before the actual foreplay areas:

  • Neck (touching, kissing)
  • Light hair pulling
  • Back scratching
  • Stomach scratching
  • Inner thigh scratching (and biting)

(Please note ‘scratching’ means light hand finger movements where you would slowly use a ‘scratching motion’ while moving your hand around her body, this shouldn’t be painful for her at all) All these so far are just “fore” foreplay, now comes the actual foreplay….) 

#2 – During Foreplay:

Nipples– This is more of a ‘test the waters’ form of foreplay, you can test how sensitive a girl is by working this area. If you notice an extreme change in her breathing and heart rate, giving her an orgasm later will not be difficult.

Clitoris– For most girls, this is The big one, and the easiest way to make them climax, you need to work on your technique here both with your fingers and orally till you have fully mastered it. Oral sex is a big one for girls, do not ignore it, do not be selfish.

Deep Vaginal– Not all girls can orgasm via the clitoris, that’s fine, it just means their body works a little differently and you will have to work on your approach. Vaginal is always a good way to start.

The G Spot– This is a very good way to make a girl climax, she’ll have to be warmed up first, but by using the ‘come hither’ finger technique, you will have her shaking in minutes

#3 – During Sex:

Vaginal– The most common of orgasms are achieved this way, try working with techniques such as having her lie down flat on her stomach with a pillow raising her behind

Anal– Depending on how open minded the girl is, this area is more of a mental orgasm, as realistically it cannot be achieved, but definitely a good area to work on if your partner is comfortable to do so.

Multiple Orgasms– This can be achieved once you find and hit the G-spot repeatedly without interruption. Each orgasm will have a few seconds between the other.

Continuous Orgasm– Veeeery few girls are able to do this, it just depends on how sensitive they are. It will require her to be very sexually comfortable around you and also comfortable with herself to allow her to reach this form of climax

Squirting Orgasm– To achieve this she must be VERY relaxed, and willing to let go, if not she won’t be able to. While repeatedly hitting the G-spot, use a finger ( (the thumb if shes on top) to repeatedly rub on the clitoris. If you do this right she will
be unable to control her volume, or her bodily reaction and will probably shake for a few seconds (to minutes) after words


Remember: Don’t be selfish, pleasure her first! So there you have it, from the very beginning right to the very end.

Try it out when you next get the chance and you’ll shock your partner!

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