What you'll learn in this article:

  • The day game model: how to approach girls. 
  • Why it's so rare these days that girls get approached.
  • Infield footage from a live bootcamp with Sami Moa.


Only a few minor differences separate day game from night game. Those who are willing to be carefree, push through rejections and be confident in their approach are the ones who will get results. Here is some insight on the controversial topic of day game.

This article will provide you a quick look at the Day Game Dynamics & Infield from one of the New York Bootcamps.

This is a simple introduction to those unaware of day game.  Click here on a more advanced blog on daygame


Guys freak out when it comes to approaching

Guys seem to panic, freak out, freeze and even feel a sense of  anxiety when it comes to approaching women during the day.

They feel like night clubs are their only friend, and alcohol is their secret confidence booster.

Well, you’ll have to realize that, living only for nightclubs kind of gets tiring, and gets tiring fast.

I’m not saying don’t go out at night, of course you should always use night game as a way to advance your social skills. But, that doesn’t mean that you should rest your feet up all day everyday.

Why you should work on your day game

We’ve been brought up in a society where having a social interaction is frowned upon, and the only place for that is through your social circle, or the odd one or two approaches you’re allowed to do on the weekend at a nightclub (not to mention the ever growing popularity of online dating).

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Sami Moa”]”If you really want to work on your social skills, if you really want to be able to attract women, you’ll need to work on your day game. It’s a counter intuitive thing (even though it really shouldn’t be) to approach women during the day.”[/pullquote]


This, believe it or not, puts you at a huge ADVANTAGE.




The Advantages of Day Game

There are far fewer guys out there, with the courage to go up and talk to a girl during the day than there are at night. Day game, even though growing at a fast rate, is still something that doesn’t regularly tend to happen. That’s why when you do it, it’s far more genuine and authentic approach than any of your previously attempted approaches.

Alot of guys I’ve worked with feel an incredible ‘high’ from the adrenaline it gives. You tend to be talking to girls during their normal day to day activities, which for some aren’t that exciting, so when she speaks to you, its almost a breath of fresh air. You are literally breaking the norm and allowing yourself to meet this girl, rather than hoping she shows up at the same nightclub that you’re going to this Friday night.


Make sure to check out the video, for a bit more in depth introduction to Day Game. Or read My article with the 7 major daygame mistakes here.