Going Out Alone – How To Game Solo Without
Your Wings

Going out alone can be pretty scary. You can often
feel a bit rusty and frozen, and demotivated. You’re not in a social
mood. Around your friends, you’re more fluid and more confident, but
when you go out by yourself, there’s no one watching you, no one is
going to give you a pat on the back and say you did a good job. You’re
not going to get any encouragement, and nobody is going to push you to
do approaches. Solo game is a whole different animal.   Out of
day game and night game, day game is a lot easier to do by yourself,
as you’ll always be going out during the day by yourself just in the
course of your normal life, so it’s very easy to just see a girl and
game her. The other thing that makes day make game easier when you’re on
your own is the fact that the people you’re going to pass by, especially
if you’re in a big city, you’re unlikely to ever run into again. You
don’t have to fear being judged.   The reason why night game is
harder is that it is not natural to go out to the clubs by yourself,
without any friends. You’re going to have to push yourself into a
situation where you’re going to be uncomfortable, because you’re going
to a night venue and you are going to have to meet people there.
  When it comes to day game, you need to get momentum going:
talk to everyone, stop every single girl you see, approach them, go talk
to them, go for the number close, etc. Push yourself. Approaching during
the day is a bit less natural than during the night, when you would be
in a club where girls expect to be approached and there’s a party
atmosphere. This is why daytime approach anxiety can be worse and you
may feel like you want to approach but your legs just refuse to move
towards the girl. To combat this, hype yourself up before you even leave
the house by doing something that makes you feel great. If you’re
walking down the street, you can sing to yourself. Sing something like
Justin Bieber so people will laugh at you, and as soon as you feel
embarrassed by something you’ll find that you just stop caring. Then you
can go out and approach, and you don’t feel that fear anymore. Do
something weird and make eye contact with someone else just so they can
see you.   Being weird is what helps you get into
. You start laughing at people’s reactions, you
start making yourself enjoy yourself, and then you can go approach
girls.   What
about night game?
When you’re going out at night people
expect you to have a social circle with you, to have a group of friends.
It’s very rare that someone is going to go out by themselves. When
you’re out on your own, try to make to the first group you approach,
even if it’s a bunch of dudes, your first friends of the night. Have a
little conversation and then move on to the next set. Then try to merge
them back into your first set, your “home base”, and keep doing that for
every set you do throughout the night. You can even tell a story about
how your friends bailed on you, or say your friends are “somewhere over
there”.   When you’re on your own, you are somewhat dependent
on merging sets because you need some excitement going on. If you
already have your wings, you don’t really care for merging sets as much.
Even when you’re on your own, you don’t absolutely have to do this, it’s
just a very good exercise and it definitely gets you more results when
you get more people meeting each other.   What happens, whether
day or night, when you have a moment alone, is that the
natural reaction is to get on your phone and play with
. Don’t fucking touch your
Especially if you’re out alone, and
you don’t have any wings, why would you need to contact anyone? The
phone stays in your pocket, you don’t need to use it. As soon as you
leave one set, don’t ever have that moment of thought alone to yourself,
because what will end up happening is that you end up in a negative
thought spiral. “I don’t have any friends tonight. Why am I weird? Do
people think I’m weird? Shit, maybe I’m not having a good night, I’m
just going to go home.”   You have to keep the
momentum going as much as possible
. If you’re in a set
and somehow you’ve just been left out of the conversation, open the next
set. Whoever the fuck they are, open the next set. You can’t have a
moment alone.   Don’t go out with a mindset of doing a certain
number of approaches or getting a certain amount of phone numbers. Your
priority should be to make sure that you have fun. It’s very difficult
for someone to go out by themselves and enjoy themselves. It’s very
weird to go out alone at night and just have a blast, alone. However, if
you’re able to push yourself and force yourself to go out and game all
by yourself, you’ll be killing it when you’re out with your wings.
  You need to be able to go out by yourself and talk to as many
girls as you can and just have a blast by yourself. Make
yourself enjoy it.
You want to go out three or four times
a week just to push yourself to the limit, but on one of those nights,
go out by yourself. You need one hour in the day and one hour at night
at least once a week.   You want to experience the awkwardness
of going out and gaming by yourself until that becomes the norm, until
gaming alone is an easy thing for you to do. Just watch how much your
game will improve!  

Going out alone

Going out



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