What you'll learn in this article:

  • The most common alternatives to monogamy 
  • The fundamental questions before entering a relationship 
  • Sami's personal story behind dating. 

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In this interview with Mike he sheds some light on non monogamy and dealing with jealousy.

I personally started like everybody else. Believing we need to grow up, find that one person, marry, remain solely with that person until death. Unfortunately the more you grow up and experience, the more you realize life isn’t as ‘Disney’ as we were brought up.

From what you’ve been brought up by your parents, to what your friends talk about, right down to the gossip on social media and celebrity news, we’ve been led to believe that monogamy is the only form of relationship that one should experience. Everything outside of that is a taboo, and will never work.

Of Course this leads us down all sorts of paths, such as ending up being dishonest with our partners (and ourselves), cheating, feeling jealousy, possessiveness and all sorts of toxic energy.

In the video Mike explains exactly what each type of relationship is, and how you can lead a non monogamous, jealousy free lifestyle and relationship.