How To Deal With
Last Minute Resistance:

I want to start with a story that
happened with me pretty recently. I was out at a club in New York and I
ran into this girl on the way to the bathroom. We instantly hit off and
I could tell this would be an easy close. We were making out within
minutes and she was all over me! This pretty much meant her buying
temperature was as high as it was ever going to be. Now at this point I
should have said to myself “ok perfect, now take her home.” But, instead
I suggested we go to another venue. We ended up in line for 30-45
minutes just to get in. Big mistake. This got her more and more bored,
and even tired. Her buying temperature was dropping pretty fast. Once
inside it was almost impossible to create a good mood again. We would
still make out, but I could tell she wasn’t as hyped as when we first
met. So I suggested we head out, and we ended up going to her place. By
the time the taxi took us there and we got to the front door, she was
tired, her buying temperature was below freezing point and I was getting
a great deal of last minute resistance. In the end I wasn’t able to
close.  Whatever I tried to overcome her last minute resistance was
futile. She just wasn’t feeling it anymore, so we said good night and
that was that. The moral of the story is to always read someones buying
temperature, and act on that, rather then playing it out in your head.
The way to beat last minute resistance is to address the previous step
that comes before it, so that you are always one step ahead.  
Theres a few things you can do to overcome last minute resistance:
Know your worth When you know your worth,
and you aren’t second guessing yourself, you won’t be worried later on
when you are taking the girl home. You might be worried that the girl
doesn’t want to sleep with you and that she doesn’t like you. Those are
the wrong kind of thoughts to have when you’re taking a girl home. Any
fall in your frame or confidence and the girl will notice it, and then
she’ll start having second thoughts. So, know your worth. Assume
attraction. Take the pressure off Modern
day society is pretty judgmental. If a girl likes sex, people will “slut
shame” her, make her feel bad about herself, and even make her feel
wrong for wanting sex. This should be an out dated act. Women should be
allowed to have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want, without
fearing judgement. Unfortunately, for women all around (and for you)
that’s not the case. For her to feel comfortable enough to sleep with
you, she’ll need to know that you aren’t going to judge her. That you
are just there to experience a good time, and that a girl who has a mind
of her own and does what she wants is awesome. Take the
Another way to take the pressure off the girl is to
take the lead. Be the decision maker. “We’re going here” “come let’s get
fresh air” “let’s grab a drink” “are you adventurous? ok this way” If
you take the lead it does 2 things. 1.) It gives the girl less pressure,
because you are deciding these actions and she is just following, so her
“fear of being slut shamed” guard is down. 2.) It’s an attractive
quality to have as a guy to be able to lead situations. More than
anything girls hate indecisive guys. Guys who respond to the “Where do
you want to go?” with “I don’t mind, where do you want to go?” Take
charge, lead the situation.   Don’t spell it
I still don’t know why people do this. I’ve seen guys
on bootcamps ask girls for a kiss before they kiss, or tell a girl, do
you want to come home with me and have sex? You’re basically asking for
last minute resistance with those questions. You really don’t have to be
THAT direct about it. (Sure if the situation has escalated beyond that
point and you’re on sexual conversation you can tell her the things you
will do to her back home, but that’s a different buying level, thats
already a close) Instead, just say “there’s an after party close by,
let’s check it out” Now I should mention here that if you say after
party, and you go home, and the girl was genuinely dissapointed there
was no after party, and isn’t interested in hooking up, somewhere
earlier you fucked up by assuming she was interested in having sex with
you.   Don’t trick a girl into bed, seduce her into bed.
There’s a difference.   Read the
There are 3 types of feedback you will get from
your actions: Positive, Negative & Neutral. A Positive reaction:
You hug the girl and she hugs you back. This is very good A Neutral
reaction: You hug the girl and she doesn’t hug back, she doesn’t leave,
she just stands there. This is also good. A Negative reaction: You hug a
girl and she moves back. This is not bad, but it means take a step back
change subject, and try again later.   A soft No vs a
strong NO!
Sometimes you might go for a kiss, and the girl
will simply smile and move her head, but she’ll stay there talking to
you. That’s a soft no. A soft no basically means, I’m interested, but
not very sure yet, let’s keep hanging out till I decide. (It could also
mean, not infront of my friends.) A strong NO! should be very clear.
Please, once you get a strong no, stop what you are doing, and walk
away. This is meant to be a fun skill for you to learn, do not be a
creepy guy, do not force someone into doing something they don’t want to
do. Don’t become a make out buddy I have a
friend of mine who was out with me at a club about a year ago. He was
dancing with this girl who he started fingering right in the middle of
the dance floor. I could see this, her friends could see this, everyone
could see this. He ended up doing it for a good hour! At the end of the
night he suggested for the girl to go home, but she said “Nah, thanks,
I’m good” Why do you think that is? He gave her exactly what she wanted,
why would she go home with him? Always leave something to look forward
to. Tease her so that she is craving it more and more and
wants to go home with you. Cat String
theory is something that’s a good relation to this. If you don’t know
what it is, cat string theory is when you put a string infront of a cat,
and let the cat chase it and run after it and jump at it but always pull
it away from her. The cat goes crazy about the string! Now drop the
string and leave it there, the cat will poke it once, twice, get bored,
and leave to do something else. You want to be the dancing string being
pulled away every now and again. Let her chase you.   All in
all, you need to enjoy the process, you might get the girl, you might
not, it’s all about having fun. Don’t rush the interaction and don’t
focus on sex. Remember women make decisions based on emotions, not on
logic. There might be a million logical reasons for her to have sex with
you,  but she may not do it if she doesn’t feel right. All she needs is
a good strong emotional connection, and she’ll be more than willing.

how to deal with last minute resistance

how to deal with last minute resistance


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