What you'll learn in this article:

  • The biggest mistake most men make on Tinder
  • The secrets on how to get a girl to like you over text and what lines you should NEVER use.
  • Sami's personal tested system for doubling his dates.


With the coming of the new era, and advancing social media, applications and all their glory, Tinder is a fairly recent,player in the game. 

This app is a photo based one where you will be able to swipe (depending on your taste) through thousands of girls’ profiles. If you guys match, you’ll be able to start having a conversation.

So, how do you do it? How do you stand out on tinder & what are the steps? Are there any secrets to getting a girl hooked and interested enough in you to meet up?

3 Tips For Standing Out On Tinder:

#1 – Have Fun With It

To start off, even though looks don’t really matter in game. This is a very fast paced app, and works by viewing 4-5 photos of someone. So to some degree you’ll want to have good photos.

Make the photos fun, have one’s where its clear who you are, show that you can have a good time, or if you play a sport that’s always good to add in. DON’T take selfies DON’T do mirror poses, pouting while showing off your after shower body.

Just keep it fun. In my experience, when I put photos on Tinder of me and other girls, I get a lot less likes. So I usually don’t put photos with girls just because I get a much higher success rate when I don’t put them.


#2 – Use Bait for Opening

This hot girl just received 465 matches by every single guy she swiped on the app. Don’t be boring and say:

“Oh hey, how are you” or

“Hey you’re so pretty”…


If you want to stand out on tinder you need to think outside the box, don’t do what everyone else is doing. Instead you’ll need to open with something I call bait.

Something funny, or shocking or anything that will get a response since it stands out.

You’re not trying to be the James Bond of Tinder, because everyone else is busy doing that, so you may as well try to go in with a different angle. Personally I love the funny opener, it gets the vibe going and it gets a response pretty well.

I’ll give you an example of a funny opener I use.

If I match with a girl and her name appears as ‘Laura’, I’d open with something like:

“Hey, I’m guessing your name is Laura? I don’t mean to brag or anything but I’m a pretty good guesser”

Now, as cheesy and bullshit as this opener is, usually they’ll find it funny and the conversation is already a hook.

They love that one and they end up playing along with it and acting impressed.
Great fun. “Hey listen I’d love to…” is also a fun one to open with, or “The craziest thing just happened”

If you are short on time, or typically can’t be bothered for the funny approach, I say go full force.

It may not be as consistent as the funny approach, but when you hit, you hit. Tell her straight up that all you’re interested is a hook up, you aren’t going to judge her, you just want some good sex.

Usually they’ll give you a little back and forth to make sure you’re legit and standing your ground.


#3 – Cut Out The Bullshit

You know what’s up, she knows what’s up.

You’re not trying to make a new friend, you’re trying to fuck this girl. Don’t spend 6 months texting getting to know each other, 5-6 back and forth texts you should go in for plans.

Meet me here, lets do this, what’s your number, anything as long as you make a proper plan or a close.


We’ll have another video and article on what to actually do on the date, but for now I’m sure you can figure it out 😉