What you'll learn in this article:

  • The 3 steps to screen for logistics. 
  • How to never waste time on girls you can't take home again. 
  • What to do if you live far away - and still take her home. 


Screening for Logistics is the most crucial step you’ll have to take before you can take her home. 

Tell me if you can relate to this scenario:

You meet a girl at a bar, you get talking and things are going pretty well. You’re both flirting back and forth and the sexual chemistry is there. A few hours later you suggest leaving the venue together and she goes:

“I can’t, my friends visiting me from out of town and I can’t just ditch her, but it was nice meeting you.”

Then you get a hug.


Great, that was 5 hours well spent wasn’t it?

All those wasted hours… they could have been avoided if you screened a little better.

When someone is applying to work for you, you’ll ask them questions to see if they are fit for the job.

  • Do you take orders well?
  • How do you function in a team?
  • Are you punctual?

You may like them as a person but if they aren’t fit for the part then you’ll have to find someone else.

So, today I’m going to cover the screening steps you need to make sure you never waste your time again:

Step 1: Who are you here with?


“How do you know each other?”

(if she’s in a group)

Such a simple, small talk conversation starter, but what it does is give you the group dynamics so that you can understand whether she can step away from the group and go home with you? Or if you should get her number now, go talk to other girls and text her tomorrow.

There are many different types of groups, I’ll give you examples of ones that are in your favour and ones that aren’t.

In your favour:

  • Just some friends from work.
  • I’m actually here alone, my friends just left (unicorn rare).
  • I just came with my friend and her boyfriend.
  • I found this event on meetup.com.

Not in your favour:

  • Best friend from high school is visiting and she’s staying at my place.
  • I’m here with one friend (in this case you need a good wingman).
  • We’re here for my best friends birthday and we’re doing a full weekend together.

These are just random general examples but you can get the vibe that some situations are easier than others to deal with. When it isn’t in your favour remember, get the number and move on, you can always text her tomorrow.

If it seems to be in your favour and you can pull, the next step to find out is:

Step 2: Where do you live?

Now the better way to ask this is, “Do you live in the city?”

That way you’ll kind of get a feel for where she lives and which of the two of you lives closer. If she does, it’s obvious that the direction of the night needs to go towards her house. If you do, you guys should aim to go back to yours.


Step 3: What are you doing tomorrow?

 It’s no use aiming for the pull if she has to wake up tomorrow morning at 5 am to work a triple double shift at a job that takes her 4 hours to get to.

Finding out what she’s got going on tomorrow is really useful to know if this is again, something for tonight? Or something for another night.

If she has nothing going on, great! Proceed.


Bonus: She lives far, I live far

Generally speaking what I do is I try to find the fastest route to my place or her place (sometimes train, sometimes cab). In the case that I’m in a city and I’m not living near the club and neither does she, what I’ll do is baby step the going home.

Let’s go to this bar that’s near by. Then after that, another bar that’s near by. All while getting closer to my place so that we can just eventually go from the final bar to my house pretty quickly and I’ve kept the mood of the night fun!

The worst thing that can happen is we get in a cab, spend an hour in traffic getting there, we both get tired and start falling asleep. Then when we get to the house we’re both thinking, yea this was fun but good night.

Keep the spirit fun, make sure that you have a plan of how to get to the pull location.


To summarize

  1. “Who are you here with?”
  2. “Do you live in the city?”
  3. “What are you doing tomorrow?”
  4.  Remember: Know the fastest way home or baby step it!


All the best,