You'll learn in this article: 

  • How to use field tested techniques to give your girl unforgettable sexual experiences that make her crave for more. 
  • The secrets most sex books don't tell you - and why.
  • Sami's Personal advice on using fruits to practice with.
  • An unique breathing pattern she uses - and how you can use it for more pleasure. 


Guys are champions at messing up foreplay. We’re just way too eager to score.

Foreplay is something that is needed to get things warmed up, unfortunately we as guys don’t seem to understand the necessity of it and what could happen if we don’t do it correctly!

Since we’re already in a rush, we speed through the foreplay trying to get to sex ASAP. Now, if you’re only looking out for yourself, that might work. But if you want to please the girl, and make her reach orgasm, you’ll need plenty of foreplay.

In this video I explain the fundamentals of foreplay in a fun and entertaining way.

On a very strong side note, consent is key.
Sure this video is fun and entertaining, but know the difference between someone who gives consent and someone who doesn’t.



Teasing is key in foreplay. Girls enjoy being teased, they don’t like systematic and expected motion, they like to be second guessing what your next move is going to be. Moving your hands around her body and getting close to where you want to go and then teasing that region for a while.

Making Out 

Making out with a girl may not be the guys favourite part of  foreplay, but girls really enjoy this part. This part is where you are connecting and things are heating up for her.


You’ll want to move your hand over her boobs and gently touch them, in this case the nipple is the “goods”, so try and trace your motion around them and get closer and closer.

Remember girls are sensitive to touch especially when aroused, where some exciting pinching can be fun, you don’t want to be too strong, when in doubt, stay gentle.


The vagina has 3 major parts that need to be focused on:

1. Stroking The Lips

The lips being stroked is almost a teasing point before getting to the clitoris, you’ll want to be gentle here and take your time

2. Playing With The Clitoris

The clitoris can be touched in several ways. You can do up and down motion, left and right, or circles. Don’t be predictable, change it up. This part is the most enjoyable part of foreplay for women.

3. Penetrating The Vagina

Some girls are tighter than others, you’ll want to start gentle and slow. Start with one finger only and make sure she’s wet enough before putting in your second finger.


Bonus: The “Come Here” Motion

With your finger inside, you’ll want to arch it back as if doing the “come here” motion. This will hit her G Spot and if done right will lead to orgasm.


Her Breathing Tells You All You Need To Know!

Pay attention to her breathing, if she’s breathing heavily and in an excited way, this is a good sign, things are heating up well and she’s enjoying it. If not, try and see what you can do to change that. Also, if the walls of her vagina start tightening. Don’t panic, this is a good sign, she’s getting close to an orgasm, keep going!

So there you have it, a little intro into foreplay.