How to find a wingman and the rules for
being a good wingman yourself:
It’s very easy to just
seek value from others without having anything to offer yourself. If you
are trying to find a good wingman you should first look within yourself
to see whether or not you would be helpful for someone else.
To start with where can you meet other
Online forums are the best places to start.
Since people tend not to be so public about their involvement in the
community (which is completely understandable) you can find wingmen on
most online pick up forums. Feel free to join our private forum
on Facebook and we can try and connect you with a wingman in your city.
Why should you go out with a wingman?
You’ve approached a group of girls, things are going great with the one
you are attracted to, and she wants to go home with you. Out of no where
her less attractive friend rushes in and does the typical ‘cock block’
move by taking her friend away from you. A wingman is there to help you
in situations like this where his job is to distract the ‘cock block’
and deal with it as necessary. That way the ugly chick gets some
attention, you and your girl get to have your private time, and your
wingman has done a good favour (one you should return).
What you can learn from bad wings Ofcourse,
not every wing you will meet will be best suited for you. At times your
personalities will clash and you won’t get along. However, even that
itself can be a lesson. Being able to push through a night with an
awkward wing, and helping each other out will do wonders for your
patience, after all if you can stand an annoying wing you’ll easily be
able to stand an annoying hot girl. There are also always things that
some people do differently that you never thought of that you can learn
from. Always be open minded to learn even from people who are much less
experienced from you. What you can learn from good
The possibilities are endless. A good wing could
sky rocket your learning curve dramatically than if you were trying to
figure it out alone. Your objective as a
As a wing, it is your prime duty to make sure that
your buddy gets laid. In fact whenever I go out with new wings I make
sure the first night I do whatever I can to wing him so that he gets
laid. If that means making out with a fat chick, or talking to her over
protective guy friends, I’ll do it. It helps me continually learn how to
deal with situations and it makes him appreciate the help and he will do
the same for me when I need it. Surround yourself with like
minded people
If your current friend group doesn’t understand
this new lifestyle change that you are adopting, this new road to
bettering yourself with women, then it’s time for a change. Hanging out
with people who are not on the same path as you can:

  • Bring you down mentally
  • Keep you
    stagnant, and stop you from improving
  • Make you feel
    like you’re wasting your time and that you should stick to what they are

Make sure the people you surround yourself
are dedicated and motivated. If they have the same goals as you even
better, these are the type of people who will make sure you develop.
It’s like a having a gym buddy, you both push each other to get better.
Even though you may be at different levels (different weight, strengths
and trainings) you are still aiming for a similar goal.
Introduce your sets to each other Split up, go open
two different groups, then re group and introduce your group to his. The
social proof is amazing, and you’ll both come off as social alphas.
Your wing is always awesome It’s easy to
fall under ‘Hot girl social pressure’ if she turns on your wing and
teases him or makes fun of him. But remember your wing is awesome. Sure
a little joke is ok, but you want to remain on his side. Don’t confuse
this by having a divided interaction, this is just in the situation that
he is being made fun of you can jump in (always in a joking positive
manner) and have his back. How to find a good wingman


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