How To Face Your Fear Of Rejection & Learn From Even Your Worst Rejection –

Unfortunately in life, all the lessons we want to learn we have to learn via experience.

You can’t walk into a store and ‘buy’ the lesson of overcoming the fear of rejection. Without the painful learning curve of repetition we aren’t
able to solidify new lessons in our minds. Rejection & ‘failure’ aren’t things that should put you down. All the greats have claimed to
have learnt their biggest lesson right after they experienced their
biggest failure. As a child you would take your first few steps and
immediately fall, only to get excited and more determined to keep on
going and try again. You fell hundreds of times and still decided to get
up and try again. If you had just given up, today you wouldn’t be able
to walk. Somewhere along the way to adulthood that motivational flame
simmers down and doesn’t burn as bright. We end up giving up a lot
faster than we get started Losers, take
defeat as a sign to quit. Winners take
defeat as inspiration, they use it as a sign to keep going.
—-“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that
won’t work.”

– Thomas A. Edison—-   From now
on, when you go up to a girl that you want to speak to, and you get
rejected, don’t take it badly. Try and do the following:
1.) Laugh about it, or find something funny about the
situation and make sure that you don’t feel down about it, and use that
laughter and energy to open the next girl immediately. Don’t stick
around and wait, go straight up to someone else and start talking. When
you go up to a girl, and you speak to her and she rejects you, don’t
take it badly, try to:
  2.) Think
of it as a lesson of “what can I learn from this? What should I do
differently next time?”
  There are 2 reasons
why we hate/fear rejection.   The External
(Outer) Fear:
We are scared of judgment. What people
might say, what they might think, will their opinions about me change?
Will they see me as a loser? The Internal
  We are scared of destroying our ego, and even
scared of judging ourselves. We seem to have an image of ourselves and
if we find out it’s not true, we are crushed. Most guys who get rejected
immediately start questioning themselves Am I tall enough? Am I good
looking enough? Why doesn’t she like me? What’s wrong with me?
Note that the best of the best still get rejected. You will
never reach a 100% success rate. If you want to improve, stop looking at
the outcome. In fact, go out one night and make sure that everyone
rejects you. If fear is embarrassment go out and make a fool of yourself
so that you stop worrying about what you think and what others think.
You’ll need to develop yourself to a point where judgment be it internal
or external isn’t something you even notice.   A good way to do
it is to stand on a corner handing out flyers or trying to sell
something, you’ll face more rejection doing that than you have ever
faced in your life. Getting accustomed to rejection shows you that it
really doesn’t matter, and that it is a part of life and you will go
through it. You will eventually learn to stop fearing it and realize
that its really just a big joke. After the 10th
person rejects you, notice how much less you care and how your fear of
rejection really doesn’t matter anymore.   Theres a good saying
that goes “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody
wants to die”
In the same sense that everyone wants to
sleep with the hot girl, but no one wants to approach her. No one wants
to be rejected.   Don’t bury your rejections, use them as fuel
to keep yourself motivated to actually get results. The first few
rejections are things you need to get out of the way, once you do that
you will start seeing results. Your efforts will be rewarded, remember
that, those who take action will always be rewarded.   Your
circle of friends might be holding you back. If they don’t understand
what you’re doing, they may judge you or laugh at you, which will only
make it harder for you. If you want to overcome your fear of rejection
you’ll need to have people around you who support and motivate your
change. Consider changing your circle of friends so that you can stay

A final note: Don’t
be bitter if you get rejected. Don’t keep a grudge. You don’t need that
kind of energy. A girl is entitled not to want to speak to you, don’t
take it negatively, she can do what she wants to do just the same way as
you can do what you want to do. Use a rejection, to laugh, and straight
away open a new set with that laughter, before you allow yourself to
overthink what just happened.