Become The Man That Attracts & Sustains High Quality Relationships

Finding Sami was a moment that literally changed my life. Personally, and professionally, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without him. I’m forever grateful how helped me have a better sense of self love and certainty in my actions.


Sami is one of the rarest of individuals within his own industry. His teachings are the ideal combination of mindset changes, actionable tactics and meta core principles that simply work. Having Sami as a mentor has been one of the most lucrative things I’ve ever done in my life.


Say No To Self Doubt &
Embrace Being The Man You Were Meant To Be

As men there’s alot that’s expected of us. We are expected to make money, be in peak physical condition, be in a loving relationship, all while keeping our emotions at bay.

We were never given a guide, but that doesn’t excuse most of us walking around lost hoping it’ll all just figure itself out.


No more excuses.

Create unshakable confidence & certainty within yourself.

Stop self sabotage and reach your full potential without getting in your own way.

Build massive momentum in your relationship AND your income while being your true authentic self.

Shake the "not good enough" "can't do it" or "don't deserve it" stories you've been telling yourself.

Stop making excuses and finally find happiness in both your business/career AND your relationship (without having to sacrifice one for the other)

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Who is this for?

This is for men who are tired of average. Men who are fed up of letting life happen to them instead of being in control of what happens. This is for men who have decided that enough is enough and they no longer want to sit on the side lines. This is for men who are ready to make a difference, who want to get out of life the equivalent of what they put in.

This is for men who want to find abundance in themselves, their relationships, business & their health.



I originally spent many years as New York’s best dating coach. ‘Tricks’ & ‘tactics’ isn’t what helped my clients find relationships. It was undisputed confidence in themselves, a lack of anxiety in social situations and good energy that they brought to the table that made them successful.


I quickly realized that these skills translated in other areas. Not only did my clients have happy relationships but they were now making more money than they were before. New York business coaches may tell you to get a fancy website and launch ads, but they would be looking at the surface level, not the deeper level of what makes someone successful long term.


 If someone respects themselves, they will in turn respect their body. How they treat it, what they put into it. The famous saying garbage in equals garbage out can be seen world wide. The most successful men in the world all take great care of their health.


While continued educations is vital, mental health is also important. A clear mind and a good grasp of your emotions is neccesary to the well being of a man. While we’re told to ‘suck it up and be a man’ this type of advice can be more damaging than we think. A real man is not afraid of adressing his emotions.


The missing piece to the puzzle. A piece I was missing for many years because I was too busy living in scarcity. I was acting from a place of desperation not inspiration. Live an abundant life and your entire world changes.

Ministry of Attraction

There is alot of confusion behind what ‘be a man’ means. My definition is someone who is fulfilled. Someone who has been able to generate wealth in their relationships, their business & their health while having unshakeable confidence in themselves.

I’ve made it my mission to teach men how to do this and have taught seminars in over 75 cities around the world and transforming the lives of thousands of men. If you’re ready to stand up and show up to being the best man you can be then click the button below and watch the training. 

5 Shifts for High-Quality Relationships

5 Shifts To Become The Man That Attracts and Sustains High-Quality Relationships (and Makes Even More Money At The Same Time).